Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally

The Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning by Professionals

Even if it may seem like a bit of a luxury, there is a good reason that the experts suggest a regular carpet cleaning by professionals. If you were to take a close look at what is tucked deep in the fibers of your carpet, you may reveal some truths that support the need for deeper cleaning.

Here are our top 4 reasons for professional carpet cleaning…

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It is the Cost-Effective Thing to Do

The single most important reason to have your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals is the fact that it will save you cash in the long run. The more traffic your carpet sees, the more damage it will face as the debris and dirt deep within the carpets work away at the carpet strands. This means that higher traffic areas like the hallways, stairs and entrances may begin deteriorating fast and begin to look visibly worn. Regular cleaning will slow this process. But only a professional grade cleaning will actually get deep within the fibers and remove the contaminants that are causing deterioration from within.

If you consider this in comparison to the price of having your carpets replaced, suddenly the costs of a regular professional cleaning are not that pricey after all.

It Keeps Your Space Looking Good

If you would like the carpets in your office to look consistently clean and spotless you will need to include a professional cleaning a few times a year depending on traffic. Just like a beautiful sharp looking carpet can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your professional surroundings, a dirty stained carpet has the exact opposite effect.

If you think passing the vacuum daily over the carpet is all that it takes to keep your carpets looking their best you are completely wrong. A professional carpet cleaning includes a deep washing and shampooing that lifts dirt grease and contaminants from deep in the carpet fibers. This leaves your carpets smelling fresh and looking as new as the day you had they installed.

It’s Good For Your Health

Another point you may not be familiar with is the great impact your carpet can have on the health of the occupants of the area. As time goes by dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants gather on the carpet and create respiratory problems when they are kicked into the air by passing shoes.

To avoid this, we recommend that your carpets be cleaned at least 3 times a year. Not only will this keep you and your staff healthy, but anyone else who swings by the office, like clients and other business associates –– and that’s always good for business.

It Reduces Unwanted Odors and Pests

All the contaminants and dirt deep in the carpet fibers provides a comfortable habitat for all types of living creatures. Insects and bacteria can thrive in carpet fibers that have not been cleaned for a while and this means that your carpets could develop a pretty big problem. These small animals in the carpet fibers may begin to deteriorate the carpets structural integrity by munching through the fabrics and contaminants indiscriminately. Dry skin cells, insect droppings and bacterial growth can add their nuances to any foul odors arising from the carpet.

By the time your carpet is smelling foul and exciting allergies, no amount of vacuuming will solve the issue. The only way to restore your carpet to its original beauty and freshness is with a professional cleaning that solves the issue at its source.

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For all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs in Winnipeg, contact us today for a professional quote.

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