Where Do Germs Hide in Your Office?

How clean is your office workspace?

While you might not have full garbage cans, dusty desks, and crumb-filled carpets, that doesn’t mean your office is clean. There are things that you cannot see with the naked eye. Having a tidy appearance is something that can allow you to create better first impressions and something that can boost overall employee productivity, but there are hidden dangers that are likely going unnoticed and unchecked. These hidden dangers could be costing you severely in increased sick-days for your employees.

Unfortunately, germs are hidden, and they can be costly. Various viruses can spread easily from person to person either through the air or by contact through droplets that are released from a sneeze or cough. These droplets/germs can live on surfaces that exist in your office setting like keyboards, desks, and doorknobs for up to two hours. These viruses can spread so suddenly that having one sick employee at your office can quickly multiply into five sick employees.

Below, we will be going over some of the areas that your cleaners should look to regularly wipe down with disinfecting wipes to avoid germs from spreading.

phone on a desk


Phones are easily one of the most important things to wipe down regularly. Because phones are held in such close proximity to one’s mouth, they can house a lot of germs and can cause a virus to spread quickly. The best way to avoid phones from spreading germs is by routinely wiping it down with disinfecting wipes before each use. The entirety of the phone should be wiped down and not just the mouthpiece of the phone itself.


Keyboards are widely used throughout the office. Because they are used by multiple people on occasion, they are usually one of the key causes of a virus spreading. Also, because they are notorious for having debris from food, bacteria, and germs, they are one of the worst offenders that you should look to control. The best way to clean a keyboard is by unplugging it from the computer and giving it a thorough wipe down with disinfecting wipes. You also want to look to get rid of any and all debris that have found their way in the cracks of the keys.


The tops of the desks themselves are another area that you really need to focus on cleaning. The top of the desk can be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria because they are so frequently touched and used to eat on. Thus, they typically have a lot of germs on them and you will want to give these desks a quick yet thorough cleaning every day. At a minimum, you should be cleaning it once a week to minimize the spreading of a virus or illness.

office chairs

Chair Arms

While you might not consider the chair arms as a key surface to clean, these surfaces are routinely touched by hands which means they are a contact point that gets a lot of germs and bacteria. Thus, a disinfecting wipe should be used regularly on chair arms to avoid it being a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

The overall cost of sickness and illness in the workplace today is estimated to sit between $150 to 250 billion per year. Thus, if your business is one of those suffering from the consequences of having a lot of employee sick days or a loss of productivity, you should look into implementing some of the tips above. This is especially true during flu season when illness and missed time can be very costly to your business’ bottom line.

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