Summer Office Cleaning Tips

Effective Summer Cleaning in Your Work Space

Summer is a great time to take advantage of warmer temperature and get ahead of office and/or building cleaning tasks. It’s the perfect time for deep cleaning, as well as important maintenance and repair work that might need to be done. The following are some helpful pointers for planning an effective summer cleaning in your work space.

Tip #1: Keep Your Desks Clean

The first and most important point is to begin small. Make sure that all the individual desks and workstations are properly organized and cleaned. If your office does hire a commercial cleaning company, they may have instructions to leave all desks as they are. This means the individual employees should leave their desks clean before they leave for the day and especially before leaving for vacations.

Make sure the desks themselves are cleaned and de-cluttered. No scraps of paper, everything placed where it goes, and most importantly no little bits of food on the desk. We’ll return to this important point a bit later. A clean organized workplace is always conducive to high quality professional output.

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Tip #2: Assign an Office Checker

It is not always easy to encourage people to keep their desks and workspace clean. This can be especially true when workloads are high, and everyone is rushing to get deadlines met and work completed. Having an office checker is one good way to ensure that the office is left clean at the end of the day. This encourages everyone to be responsible for their area of the office.

This can even be made into a fun and bonding activity by dishing out prizes to regularly clean office spaces or fun and non-threatening punishments to those who have forgotten to keep their desks in perfect conditions.

Tip #3: Throw Away Perishable Food

During the summer, warmer weather can mean food takes a shorter time to spoil. Even though the air-conditioning is now being used, if you were to leave that tuna fish-sandwich in the filing cabinet overnight it may still be spoiled by morning. Furthermore, with all the irregular office hours, some of the foods left in the office fridge may also go bad and cause the entire office to smell bad. Aside from this, spoiled food can be cause for illness.

So, to make sure this is not an issue in your office this summer:

  • Check for food items on your desk before you leave
  • Look for leftovers and discard waste regularly
  • Encourage your employees to do the same

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Tip #4: Maintain Indoor Air Quality

If your office is not equipped with central cooling, you may want to open the windows to allow a fresh breeze to enter, but along with the cooler air will come dust, dirt, pollen and allergens. These can cause breathing difficulties and allergic reactions in some people.  Even with a good HVAC system the dust that accumulates within the duct work can lead to irritations and breathing issues.

One of the best ways to improve the indoor air quality and the environment inside your office is to go green. This means choosing only those cleaning supplies and products that don’t use harsh chemicals that can threaten health. You can also find a reputable cleaning company to help you remove the dust and irritants from carpets and ducts systems.

Make sure your office is getting the best cleaning services it can with the help of Eco Fresh. As a fully equipped team of qualified cleaning professionals, we have what it takes to get your office space clean, safe and attractive. If you are looking to enhance the freshness of summer with a clean office in Winnipeg, Eco Fresh Janitorial Services is the name to call.

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