First impressions make a big impact.

Your carpets and flooring are one of the first things people notice when they walk in.

Professional carpet cleaning makes a world of difference …

The last thing you want to is create a negative first impression. Winnipeg business’s know the value of our carpet cleaning services which is why they keep coming back to Eco Fresh Janitorial time after time.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

example of our carpet cleaning in waiting room

There’s many carpet cleaning companies around claiming they provide professional carpet cleaning services that use simply water and soap. The process has your carpets looking nice for a few days, but then you slowly

realize they’re giving off an unpleasant and distinct smell and gradually the stains are back. That’s because the carpet is still moist or wet which causes the fibres to emit a mildew odour.  Their soap solution will leave behind a greasy residue on your carpet’s surface which attracts more dirt quickly and makes it appear dingy and dull very quickly. Carpet cleaning is also part of a proper office cleaning regiment.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

alegic reaction from dirty carpeting - carpet cleaning required here

It doesn’t matter how frequently you vacuum your carpet, over time, debris and dirt will become deeply embedded into the carpet fibres, and leave stains that make them appear damaged and dull. In particular, carpet in high traffic areas may contain high concentrations of allergens, pollen, and other types of debris deposits that may create health issues for your employees and customers. Periodic deep cleaning is a must.

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

fresh carpet cleaning example in a condominium hallway

Here at Eco Fresh Janitorial we’ve discovered through technology and research that there are much more effective, better ways to get carpets clean that don’t create bad odours or build a soapy residue up. We use a

specially designed emulsifying agent that liquefies and breaks down contaminants and dirt. We force the solution deep into the fibres of the carpet and then use special equipment that has very powerful vacuums to suck out the emulsion. The result – your carpets are clean and nearly dry all the way down to their very core.

Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services

Eco Fresh Janitorial caters to all types of commercial, corporate, hotel, and other Winnipeg business.

We recommend you vacuum your carpeting regularly and have them professionally cleaned at least twice twice a year in order to minimize the number of pollutants and dirt that get stored inside them. The extra hot water cleaning techniques used by Eco Fresh Janitorial will not damage or cause any unnecessary wear and tear on your carpets and you will discover that they smell and look fresh for a longer period of time and feel great under your feet.

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