How Effective Are Hand Sanitizers at Keeping Illnesses At Bay?

The Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizers

Most people have a lot of questions about how effective hand sanitizers really are. Are they truly capable of stopping the spread of germs? Can they reduce your chances of getting sick? These days, you can find them in many public places including grocery stores, transportation hubs, and fitness centers. The real question is whether or not they are actually effective when it comes to keeping colds, viruses, and other illnesses from spreading.

A Closer Look at Hand Sanitizers

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any clear-cut answers regarding how effective hand sanitizers are. The topic hasn’t been thoroughly studied by researchers, which means that there isn’t any hard evidence proving their effectiveness (or lack thereof). What we do know is that practicing good hygiene by regularly washing your hands and keeping them as clean as possible can help reduce the spread of illnesses and disease.

germs on hands

The only way to keep illnesses from spreading is by keeping germs from passing from one person to another. Along with hand washing, hand sanitizers can also be an effective way of achieving this goal. It isn’t always possible to wash your hands when you need to. In cases like these, having hand sanitizer available is a great alternative. These sanitizing products provide an excellent solution for disinfecting surfaces and keeping your hands clean in public settings.

In public places, certain areas are more likely to be covered with germs than others. Known as transmission points, these areas pose a real risk when it comes to spreading illnesses. For instance, at the grocery store, the handles on the shopping carts are often covered with germs, leftover debris from food, and other contaminants. That is why a lot of grocery stores have sanitizing wipes available near the entrance for customers to wipe the handles down before using them. Since these wipes are available for free, it is a good idea to use them since they could help protect you.

Germs and Bacteria

When it really comes down to it, however, the vast majority of surfaces we come in contact with on a daily basis are contaminated with germs and bacteria. In most cases, these surfaces are still safe to touch. The key is to wash your hands frequently – especially if you come in contact with surfaces like restroom door handles or other areas that are likely to be contaminated. This is particularly important during the winter since many people develop colds or get the flu when the weather changes. Depending on how concerned you are, you may even want to skip shaking hands with people, opting to wave hello instead.

cleaner disinfecting door handle

Offices and Commercial Spaces Should Be Cleaned Thoroughly

Hand sanitizers can only do so much. To create a cleaner, safer environment, commercial spaces, offices, and other areas where a lot of people gather need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here at EcoFresh, we go above and beyond to clean and disinfect surfaces, using powerful cleaning products to create a safe place to work.

Our expertise, which centers around cleaning offices, allows us to help many clients in the Winnipeg area achieve clean, healthy spaces. Surfaces like telephones, touchscreen monitors, and keyboards are all thoroughly disinfected to help minimize the spread of germs.

We focus on areas that get a lot of traffic like restrooms, break rooms, and waiting rooms, helping to ensure that these areas are clean and safe. Our goal is to help our customers maintain hygienic environments for their customers, clients, and employees.

Practicing Good Hygiene Is the Best Way to Stay Healthy

Even though the verdict is still out on how effective hand sanitizers really are, it is important to pay extra attention to personal hygiene anytime you are in a public space. While washing your hands frequently is the most effective solution, using hand sanitizer could be a good alternative. You may even want to carry a small bottle along with you so that you always have it when you need it.

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