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Six Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service Company

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We’ve been cleaning carpets for many years now and have come across all sorts of issues. Here are six questions you should ask before hiring a company to handle your carpet cleaning needs.

#1 Are they certified?

Getting certified doesn’t mean they can’t clean carpets, but it does mean that they have the proper knowledge to do so. The IICRC classes and examination process prepares the technician to clean carpets accordingly without damage by using the proper techniques and chemistry.

#2 Experienced in Odor Removal?

water claw stain removal tool used in carpet cleaning

Odor removal is a specific job that requires a special tools so ask if they use a water claw for this sort of job. If you have pet urine that has gone all the way down into the under pad this is the tool that will extract the chemicals used to break it down, along with the urine. Some technicians may not have this tool and will only be able to deal with the urine on top of the carpet which is less then 50% of the problem.

#3 Certified for Upholstery?

When getting those couches or love seats cleaned please make sure you choose someone who is certified and experienced. This area of cleaning is the most common place for carpet cleaners to get into trouble. Upholstery can vary in so many different kinds of materials and using the wrong process can damage your furniture beyond repair and very expensive to replace.

#4 How long? (Dry time)

If technician says dry times can be more then 6-8 hours, you need to call someone else. Drying conditions do vary but if they say, for example, “your carpets will be dry in 24 hours”, they’re not a very good cleaner. Good carpet cleaning means good extraction of the chemical solution. With good air circulation they should be dry less then 6 hours. 8 hours max.

Long dry times mean potential for mold growth and other bacteria. It’s also not good for your carpets which can start to brown or re-soil very quickly.

Our equipment can extract 97% of the water and cleaning solutions so your carpet will be dry very quickly.

#5 Manufacturers Warranty

Are your products safe for my manufactures warranty? There are certain products and protections that could void your manufactures warranty. Make sure technician is aware of this and can explain how his/her products are in the guidelines for your carpets warranty. Manufacturers require cleaning chemicals to have a pH below 10 and silicone protectors or de-foamers can’t be used because they can cause rapid recoiling.

#6 Carpet identification

This tip go’s hand in hand with the first question because a certified carpet cleaner can tell you what type of carpet fiber you have. If they can’t, then you need to find another company. This should be the first step in their assessment so if they can’t figure it out then they could be in big trouble and you might end up with a damage.

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