Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cleaning Services

Outsourcing Your Cleaning Services is a Strategic Business Decision …

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Outsourcing the cleaning services of your office is a strategic business decision that can provide your company with many benefits. Even when you are on a tight budget and have a heavy workload, outsourcing maintenance services is still a good decision to make.

If your goal is to ensure that your company is more efficient with its time and money, then you will be very happy to know what all of the benefits are to outsourcing the janitorial services of your company instead of hiring employees to keep your offices clean.

A top priority of reputable commercial cleaning companies is cleanliness. This standard is also a focus of office cleaning companies when their staff is being trained and when they are assessing the quality of their work. You are not responsible for the cleaning staff, it is the responsibility of the commercial cleaning company that you hire. You are also saved from any liabilities or other concerns that come with managing staff when you outsource your cleaning to another company.  

Staff Availability

Issues of leave of absences, holidays, and other attendance-related problems are eliminated now. When you contract with an outside cleaning company, they will be sending a crew out to you no matter what. So, if the regular cleaner is not available, that will not be a problem for you, since they will be responsible for finding a replacement.

Outsource companies hold the highest standards of hygiene and health. Those companies spend the money and time on providing safety training to their staff and have the highest cleanliness standard as well since they are attempting to maintain the highest quality standards at all times.

Office cleaning companies stay current on all of the best cleaning equipment and products.

Eco Fresh Janitorial only uses the most effective and innovative cleaning equipment.

You can also modify your outsourced cleaning services to fit your budget. Your cleaning schedule can be customized to meet the individual needs of your company.

You can reduce costs by adjusting how frequently the cleaning is done. You can either scale down or scale up on the amount of cleaning that is done in your offices depending on what your needs are. If you need to have more cleaning done, all you need to do is contact your cleaning company. You won’t have to hire any additional staff yourself.

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Save Money

When you use an outsourced cleaning service, you will be able to save money on a number of different expenses, including inventory, uniforms, equipment, employment, and maintenance costs. Since your core business is not cleaning, why should you spend time on it?

Save on The Environment

Another thing you can do is hire an eco-friendly company. Companies like us at Eco Fresh as are fully committed to the environment. They use sustainable systems and eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment. 

Before Signing A Commercial Cleaning Contract …

Companies all too often choose their cleaning contract only based on pricing. That can have some unintended consequences in a fragmented industry such as commercial cleaning.

Here is an example for you – say you need to hire a receptionist and you have two candidates. One is expecting a salary of $15 per hour and the other one is expecting $10 per hour. Do you hire the $10 per hour receptionist automatically? What hidden costs might there be with hiring the individual? Less reliability, lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and additional training are all potential problems you might be faced with. Therefore, when it comes to hiring decisions, many companies weigh all of those factors along with the salary expectations of candidates to help them choose the best person for the job.

So why wouldn’t these same things be true when it comes to hiring a cleaning company?

The costs of the service should definitely play a major role in your final decision, but you also need to consider any potential costs that might be involved, such as:

  • Are the cleaners registered with the Worker’s Compensation Board?
  • Do they follow all WHMIS practices?
  • What about liability insurance?
  • Do they use all of the best cleaning technology in order to eliminate bacteria and improve air quality?
  • Will it help to reduce absenteeism of your employees and improve their health?
  • Is the company financially invested in its business and motivated to ensure that you are completely satisfied?
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Our cleaning quotes are all based on your cleaning requirements and your facility’s characteristics. Factors that impact the overall prices of our cleaning services include material and labour costs, square footage, the scope of the cleaning that is required, and frequency of cleaning. Best of all, we will provide you with a custom cleaning quote that matches all of your needs and budget.

You will never need to manage your own cleaning processes ever again – our proven process cutting edge products and technology, and well-trained staff does not leave anything to chance.

So now you know what all the benefits are that come with hiring a professional cleaning company and you have made the decision to move forward. Before signing a proposal, especially low bid ones, take the time to consider the type of cleaning company services that you want to have for your facility.

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